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Foundation seeks funds for essential “Green” features

West Tisbury Library front view
West Tisbury Library front view from parking lot.

When the Foundation reached its goal of $1.5 million earlier this spring, it paved the way for West Tisbury voters to contribute the town’s share of $1.5 million for the library. With the state’s nearly $3 million construction grant secured, the $6+ million library construction funding was complete and the project got the green light. The project is expected to break ground in mid-November.

The current plans will give the library the additional space it has needed for decades: space for a program room, a unified children’s room, and a director’s office, among other things. The plans also contain a host of significant environmental features. However, putting patron services first meant cutting back on several desirable eco-friendly elements. We are now seeking an additional $325,000 to fund three enhancements of major environmental and aesthetic value:

• Parking lot infrastructure that’s safe and protects the water supply and wetlands;
• Healthy and long-lasting hardwood flooring in place of carpeting; and
• Landscaping that provides a harmonious relationship with the surroundings.

We are deeply committed to the safety, health benefits, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and natural beauty these features afford.  So we ask you to join us in finding the money to pay for them.  Contributions of all sizes are needed and welcome.  In addition, there are naming opportunities, for instance in memory of a loved one, in the building itself and in four gardens that we hope to create outside.  Please turn to The Case for a Green Library for descriptions of your donation’s benefits to water supply and wetlands, individual health and safety, energy efficiency, cost savings, and the beauty of our surroundings.

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